Family Law

Most family law issues are difficult and delicate situations, specifically because the people involved are (or were) "family". Family law issues require the utmost attention. Some demand immediate action, while others require patience and compromise. Regardless of your family law issue, Hartman Law Office is available to help.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about preparing for the inevitable and planning for the unexpected. A successful estate plan helps you effectively control your assets to attain your end-of-life goals. Consequently, your estate plan can be simple or complex, depending on your goals. There are many legal tools that can assist you in attaining your goals, and Hartman Law Office would be happy to discuss them with you.

Business Matters

Business owners and entrepreneurs encounter numerous situations that could benefit from legal advice. There are countless questions that need legal answers: ‘How do I form a new business, negotiate this contract, maintain accurate company records, collect outstanding debts, prepare to sell my business?’ Hartman Law Office can help you navigate these situations and give you guidance on answering questions


Operating a nonprofit organization is a rewarding endeavor. Even still, the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Minnesota do not give nonprofits a "pass" for operating however they wish. I have dealt with all the state and federal agencies that are related to forming and maintaining a nonprofit organization. I also serve on several Boards of Directors for various nonprofits. So, I can help advise you along your nonprofit journey.


Lawsuits (or potential lawsuits) require individuals to make numerous, timely decisions, one of which is how to avoid a formal lawsuit altogether. Lawsuits also have legal issues to identify, legal procedures to adhere to, legal paperwork to file, and possibly courtrooms to navigate. All of this can be overwhelming, and rightly so. Most people are not trained to identify legal issues, adhere to legal procedures, draft legal paperwork, or navigate courtrooms. Hartman Law Office has experience in and can advise you through the litigation process, including ways to avoid it altogether.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are not a "get rich quick" scheme. They are serious, sobering, and often complex. Typically, they require long-term oversight, regular meetings to obtain information, and communications with medical providers, insurance companies, attorneys for other parties, etc. Their complexity and diversity require an attorney who has handled them in the past. Contact me if you need assistance in this area.

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