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Family Law

Family law issues can be difficult and delicate. They require patience, attention, and action. Hartman Law Office can help you make informed decisions each step of the way through your family law issues.

Estate Planning

Prepare for the inevitable. Plan for the unexpected. A good estate plan can protect your assets during your life and distribute your assets how, when, and to whom you desire after your death.

Business Matters

Business owners encounter a variety of situations that require advice, from forming a new business to examining financial statements to maintaining accurate records to selling their business. Hartman Law Office can help you navigate these situations.


Hartman Law Office also provides legal counsel in other areas such as Nonprofit Organizations, Litigation, Personal Injury, and more.
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Firm Overview

Honest, Strategic, Practical

Hartman Law Office aims to provide strategic, practical, and honest advice to its clients. Honest advice results from genuine concern for a client’s well-being. Strategic advice results from a combination of analytical thinking and creativity. Practical advice results from understanding a client’s unique situation and circumstances.

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